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The History


Ledapol: Tradition and Innovation in Latex and Leather Apparel
Located in the Polish city of Lubliniec, near the historic city of Czestochowa, is the headquarters of Ledapol. The company was founded in 1990 and has been specializing in the production of latex and leather clothing since 1992.
Ledapol's products are characterized by their innovative design and sensual appeal, ranging from everyday wear to extravagant lingerie and fetish clothing. The company is renowned for its high quality and meticulous craftsmanship.
The new Ledapol building complex covers an area of approximately 3,000 square meters, with 2,000 square meters designated for production processing. The complex includes a high-storage facility, a creative studio, a photo studio, a shipping department, as well as various offices and administrative spaces.
Approximately 100 highly qualified and experienced employees work in the production department, skilled in working with latex and leather. Ledapol exclusively uses high-quality materials that undergo careful selection and inspection.
The company has a global presence in over 50 countries, establishing Ledapol as a leading provider of latex and leather clothing, synonymous with innovation, quality, and passion.

Leda & Co: Founded by Mr. Andreas Krawczyk as the sole sales representation of Ledapol on March 1, 1993, in Laubach, a small town near Frankfurt am Main.
After 30 successful years, on November 30, 2023, it was time to pass the business on to younger hands.
Leda & Co Distribution: On December 1, 2023, the new sales representation was established by the Kosch couple. The company is located in the Polish border town of Zgorzelec, directly across from Görlitz in Germany.
The handover of the business to the Kosch couple in 2023 was a significant moment for Ledapol. The new directors have deep roots in the industry and are committed to continuing the success story of the company in Zgorzelec.